The Sacred Alchemy of Creating Workshops, Retreats, and Courses

An Online Course with Tracee Stanley on Embodied Teaching

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As we see the surge of new content, and classes emerge in the virtual space and in planning for future live events it is more important than ever to offer embodied, teaching that is aligned with your gifts and passions. If you find yourself searching for a β€œniche” this is for you. The word niche comes from the French word nicher β€œto make a nest”. That means that your teaching should feel like home, comfortable for you, inspiring for you to offer and your students to receive.

I have had this teaching on my heart for a while as I have seen teachers struggle to find aligned offerings and then get them out into the world. Sometimes we may be tempted to do a "throw the spaghetti against the wall" approach and see what sticks, but that is not an efficient use of Shakti.

This is not a course about how to set up a platform or how to get more students into your course- that's not dharmic for me to teach.

This course is a deep dive into your heart cave so that you can mine the gifts that make your teaching unique and move beyond the fear and doubt that keep you hiding your light.

It's an exploration and refinement of the energy and transmission of your authentic offering.

It might be what you have been waiting for. 

Next Course - July 2020!

Learn the Principles of Creating Content

You will learn how to incorporate the principles of Ritual, Sankalpa and Krama into the creation of your offering.


Aligned with universal dharma, your unique gifts, and purpose


Tending to your heart's desire.


Devotion and reverence for your work, the container, and your students


The wise progression teaching, sequencing, and scheduling your events.

Here is Some of What We Will Cover:

πŸ”… The Ritual of Creation- Sourcing from the Heart

πŸ”… Creating a Skillful Krama- Wise progression for workshops, retreats, and courses

πŸ”… Motivation and Intention- Finding clarity around the seed vibration of your event.

πŸ”… Moving Beyond Fear and Doubt- What Vikalpa is alive in your Teaching?

πŸ”… Mindmapping Your Workshop into Manifestation

πŸ”… Holding a Sacred Container

πŸ”… Energetic Alignment - working with collaborators

πŸ”… Creating Boundaries

πŸ”… Stepping into Leadership

πŸ”… Mantra's and Meditations to Center, Ground and Connect

πŸ”… Resources for Aligned Teaching

If you feel called to be part of this sacred teaching experience, I invite you to join!

The Sacred Alchemy of Creating Workshops, Retreats, and Courses


Saturday, July 18 @ 12pm-3pm PST
Saturday, July 25 @ 12pm-3pm PST

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